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Friends of Boondooma

Building a fence.
As Buddy says, “For only $10 a year you have the privilege of coming here and working for nothing!” And many do just that.
They also receive our Magazine, and enjoy free entry to the site (except for special events) – handy if you sometimes bring your visitors out here. We also try to notify them when a working bee is scheduled, in case they want to join in.
Often two or three couples will arrange to be here at a certain time, and ring ahead to ask what work can be done. Others arrive on their own - by arrangement or not - and do a bit of work – or not.
We value all of them, and their contribution to our ongoing development.


Volunteers enjoying a well deserved break.
People contribute in various ways.
  • Some support us financially,
  • some do amazing publicity and send people to visit,
  • some are involved in building and restoration of old items,
  • and others turn up before our main events to help us cater, etc.

Work in Progress

  1. Restoration and maintenance of the Heritage Listed buildings.
  2. Construction and maintenance of peripheral structures – toilets, shelters, etc.
  3. Documenting, restoring and conserving items in our collection.
  4. Collecting and organising information about the people who contributed to the life of Boondooma Station, and the land, nearly a thousand square miles, that it once covered.
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